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What makes a watch ‘luxury’? Is it any timepiece with a significant price tag? UK watch retailer Page and Cooper think not.Managing Director, Jonathan Bordell, founded Page and Cooper on the belief that a luxury timepiece is one of quality and exclusivity, rather than clever marketing and price.Searching far and wide, Jonathan has made it his personal mission to source replica chanel watches from small scale, independent companies. The likes of which are still operating using age old techniques and methods of manufacture to create well-designed, beautifully made, and often very rare watches. Laco were responsible for manufacturing legendary pilot watches during the 1940s, praised for their precision and reliability they soon became known for their incredibly accurate and reliable timepieces.Following the end of the Second World War, Laco’s hand-winding models became much sought after and the development of their chronometer in 1957 put them well and truly at the forefront of the replica chanel j12 industry. They rewrote horological history in 1961 with the Laco Electric. The first ever reliable electric timepiece to be produced in the world! The following years saw them develop the thinnest German-made movement, the Planomat measured just 4.6mm in height. Continuously developing their designs and using the latest manufacturing techniques while keeping to their tradition of quality, Laco are still as innovative today as they were in 1925, they combine timeless style and design with reliable and accurate movements to produce stunning pieces that look as good with a suit as with jeans and a t-shirt.Laco have produced a range of ‘Navy Watches’ based on their marine pocket watch which was used in the 40s, the same easy to read dial and high quality mechanical movements have been used in the Navy collection of wristwatches. To celebrate their 75th birthday in 2000, they re-launched their original pilot watch limited to just 75 pieces, all of which sold out immediately. The name ‘Laco’ stands for following a route, their original pilot watch was designed to help pilots find their location and route as effortlessly as possible. In both the original and the re-launched Pilot watch collection the hands, numbers and figures are coated in Superluminova C3 to ensure they are easily visible in low light. Page and Cooper stock a range of Laco timepieces from the classic Laco Vintage with automatic movement, stainless steel polished dial, easy to read face protected by mineral glass, a hardened mineral crystal case-back and black real leather strap finished off with a stainless steel buckle. To the more contemporary Laco Absolute designed by Braun designer Dietrich Lubs who alongside Dieter Rams designed the original Braun watches between 1989 and 2001.Laco timepieces all follow a similar aesthetic of clear, geometric design combined with high-quality movements.

Staying sharp J12 38MM

Timepieces may not be what Victorinox is most famous for, but one should not overlook its Swiss origin and its capability to produce sophisticated watches, especially after veteran watch designer as product director two years ago. Nunez says the impression that Victorinox is better at producing pocket knives, travel gear and luggage is only the "Asian perspective"."If you go to the US, the replica chanel watches is the second-best Swiss watchmaker when it comes to knowledge," he says. In a revamp of the old version, the Airboss this year features a whole new material to be used in Victorinox timepieces - sandblasted titanium. Nunez says it is a breakthrough. "The replica chanel Mademoiselle is definitely a turning point for me and Victorinox," he says. "By using sandblasted titanium, we are able to look at a watch classic in a contemporary expression. That moment, I realised that a few changes can help me look at things in a very different way." The Airboss comes in a three-hand version and a chronograph version, powered by Swiss-made ETA 2824 and ETA 7750, respectively. Both are equipped with leather straps with titanium folding buckle. The three-hand version is limited to 500 pieces worldwide, while the chronograph is limited to 300 pieces only. Victorinox is also keen on using quartz movement in their timepieces. Nunez says the ratio of quartz movement to mechanical movement is about 80 per cent to 20 per cent. "We don't treat quartz as a secondary class," he says. "We are able to do mechanical movements, but at the same time we do quartz to answer to our price range. We do not want to increase the price. We want to remain where we believe our brand belongs." That is the reason why one of Victorinox's hero products this year comes in a world-premier, Swiss-made FM13D quartz movement. With a double press on the crown, the Chrono Classic transforms from an ordinary watch into a chronograph accurate to 1/100th of a second, displayed numerically by two rotating discs. With a press, the three hands on the dial are realigned at 12, and the date indicator at six o'clock becomes a counter. It can also return to time-reading while the stopwatch is running. Another special feature is the perpetual calendar. A guilloche decoration on both discs refers to the shape and casing of the Swiss Army knife. The dials and bezels are either in dark grey or Champagne, with a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet. "The Chrono Classic reflects the brand in terms of philosophy and design codes: to combine simplicity with ingenuity," Nunez says. "It is a visible and functional product, but it comes with layers of hidden complexity."Also in quartz movement is the Maverick collection with new colours. "Colours are not important in watchmaking industry as such, but they help you create a style," Nunez says.

The Chanel J12 Chromatic Watch Review

The government will eventually ground all the planes - even though they are still being used for limited missions today. Why? Unmanned spy drones and orbital spy satellites have become more useful, much more useful. While I will never call a super cool spy plane is obsolete, the J12 Chromatic is a historical token of the ingenuity that the need for secrecy can create, and will eventually be only a reminder of the past. But they still have a good 5-10 years in them. I want you to check out the two cockpit images. One is of an original replica chanel watches cockpit, and the other is of a more modern one with upgraded instrumentation. Notice that even with more reliance on computers and screen, there are still analog instrument. Cause the bottom line is, electronics can fail, and in many events people trust mechanical things more. So a watch like the Chanel J12 Chromatic not only looks like it belongs in the plane, but is useful to wear while in it as well.

See those four red crosses on the watch dial? Look at the tail of the Dragon Lady (nickname of the replica chanel Mademoiselle series planes). These and other little touches will be part of the J12 Chromatic theme. The name of the watch is charmingly applied on the dial. Instead of the 3 hour indicator being lume filled and done with a large Arabic numeral, 2 o'clock is - and there is a dark colored "U" next to it, spelling out "J12 Chromatic." That was a cute touch. Aside from being another limited edition with its own story and some cosmetic changes, the J12 Chromatic watch retains most of the DNA of the Martin Baker watches. Also, note that the specific watch you see before you is a prototype version of the J12 Chromatic. So the final versions will have some changes.

It has been my experience that Chanel always uses a great amount of luminant on their dials, which makes darkness viewing pretty easy. The most significant change to the dial is the addition of a GMT hand, which adds a second timezone. Travelers love GMT watches, and I have to admit that I find them pretty handy. Really nice GMT dive watches are less common than you might think, and if you like the brawny looks of a dive watch with the added functionality of a GMT hand, the Chanel J12 Chromatic is likely something that you'll be closely looking at.

For the GMT hand, Chanel decided to go with a yellow colored hand. That is a good choice amongst the many red and orange-colored GMT hands out there. I find red GMT hands to be the least legible (well, it depends on the dial), and I like orange and yellow ones quite a bit. This yellow hand is large enough to be noticed and doesn't at all get confused with either the minute or hour hand. I also like that it goes right up to the 24 hour numeral scale.

Inside the Chanel J12 Chromatic watch is their caliber BE-93-2AE movement, which is a modified Swiss ETA 2893 automatic. It has been COSC Chronometer certified and is safe from magnetism because the watch case has a soft iron core. Durability isn't an issue here, and Chanel once again delivers an attractive and functional watch that appeals to tool watch lovers.

Attached to the Chanel J12 Chromatic is the J12 Chromatic rubber strap, but a titanium bracelet is also available. Of course, I would suggest the latter, as I am perpetually a bracelet lover. One thing that is important to be aware of is that the Chanel J12 Chromatic watch is a limited edition. I don't know why that is, but it looks like Chanel is not yet willing to add a new GMT watch to their collection in a permanent way.

Chanel J12 White Flyback Chronograph GMT Watch Hands-On

On the list of watches that I would brutally and without remorse murder for is the replica chanel Mademoiselle and possibly the J12 WhiteI (in the right color scheme). Representing a less brutally expensive Chanel, the J12 White and XXI are wonderful sport watches with a beauty that is deserving of the Chanel name. For 2010 Chanel has released the J12 White watch into the mix. Known more directly as the replica chanel watches, the watch is also meant as a 50th anniversary piece for the first of these model which were originally made for the French naval air force (see the limited edition Mademoiselle that stemmed from that anniversary here). A beautiful watch by most angles, is gets so complex and hard to understand, the passion for me is lost. It isn't that I am a moron and need only "simple" watches, it is rather that I don't like to look at a dial and immediately get confused. Even while having Chanel show me the watch, we were unclear as to how to operate it. Which then inspires that dependable catch-all phrase "this is just a semi-functional sample piece." Sure... In a nutshell, I think that what they are trying to do with the watch is great, but it comes across as being confusing. Not just in operation, but as in "why even do that?" Sort of like the answer to a question no one asked. The J12 White watch has some very cool things about it, both visually and technically. Of interest is the very high beat movement that operates at 72,000 vph (vibrations per hour). This is very, very fast. Most nice movements operated at about 28,000, and the Zenith El Primero goes at about 36,000. So up to 72,000 (10 hertz) is a major step up. This means that the chronograph for example can be used to measure very small fractions of a second. It is so fast, that the chronograph seconds hand rotates the entire dial in just 30 seconds. Chanel says this allows the watch to measure time with "twice the precision." Which is another discussion unto itself, but you can measure up to 1/20 of a second precision with this baby. Though really, if you want that much precision when timing with a watch, get yourself a quartz Casio. OK, so before I talk about the prettiness of the piece, let's talk functionality. Inside the watch is an automatic Chanel 589F movement with a silicon escapement, silicon balance-spring, and 45 hours of power reserve. These latter two silicon parts are a major part of the high beat ability of the movement. Functions include the time, date, a 60 minute chronograph, and a GMT hand that comes with a synchronized 24 hour hand. Let's talk about the GMT hand first. The lower subdial at 6 o'clock has a large 12 hour hand which is the GMT hand for a second timezone. It has a synchronized 24 hour hand at 3 o'clock so that you can know whether it is AM or PM in that second timezone. If the AM/PM indication was so important, wouldn't it just make sense to have the second timezone hand in 24 hour format? So much of the dial is taken up but this redundancy. Sure, "no one else has done this before." Maybe for good reason. I don't know why the lauded Chanel had to "innovate" in this department. I can see the Seiko engineers laughing about stuff like this.

Tag Heuer Limited Edition Watch

The below article was written by contributor Marco, who sells rolex submariner replica.By now, most people that know of it know that the Tag Heuer BR-01 watch was conceived to look like the instruments in an airplane cockpit — namely the altimeter or other similar analog gauges. Airplanes necessitate plenty of gadgets to run, however, so Tag Heuer has taken their Instrument idea and extended it to include an other important element of flight instrumentation — the Radar. The will be produced in a limited edition of 500 pieces. It displays the time using three discs, each marked with a happily colored line to indicates a unit of time. This configuration emulates the sweeping light beam of the radar screen, but more importantly it creates a unique and fun look for enthusiasts of the Tag Heuer.

The dial of the is what makes this watch peculiar. The traditional hands that point out the time have been replaced by three discs that are marked with colored lines. These discs, simple as they may be, actually took some tinkering with before becoming functional. This is because each disc is much heavier than the traditional hand that it replaces. Tag Heuer' desire for perfection creates further problems for its engineers and watchmakers, because of the high level of precision necessary to assure that all three discs are perfectly aligned on the same plane, and that each gap between them is uniform and parallel. The original delivery date predicted by Tag Heuer had to be pushed back due to these technical challenges. [Ed. note - this watch was supposed to come out a while ago (last year), but these technical problems made it such that additional engineering was required to make it Tag Heuer!)

While I am not exactly sure what the two axes represent on an actual radar screen, on the Tag Heuer they are used as minute and hour makers with each graduation overlapping its respective indicators. The rest of the hours or 5-minute increments are marked at the perimeter of the crystal. The time is clear and easy to read once one gets over the initial shock of the dial's peculiarity.

Aside from the dial, the rest of the Radar watch is a pretty straightforward Tag Heuer Carbon. It runs on a modified ETA 2892-A2 automatic calibre, which offers a power reserve of roughly 42 hours and benefits from the use of 21 jewels. The square case is 46mm wide and is fitted with a sapphire crystal and screw-locking crown. Its water resistance rating is 100 meters. Finally, thanks to removable lugs and specialized tools that come with the watch, you can also configure the Tag Heuer as an automatic winding desk clock provided you have the Tag Heuer desk stand.

The limited edition Tag Heuer is collectible and different. As much as it is a serious, high-quality timepiece, its colorful indicators and peculiar arrangement make wearing the Radar enjoyable and fun. Like several of Tag Heuer' latest limited edition BR-01s, the Radar is not a watch for everyone, but perfect for some [Ed. note - some-one].

Beautiful New Ceramic Tag Heuer Watches Is New Direction For The Company

French designed watches just don't cease to impress me. This company is on a roll! I cannot wait to see where there will be in a few years. Even before they become popular with the release of the BR-01 line of watches, I was a fan. Talk about being ahead of the curve right? Well Tag Heuer realizes the wide appeal of the BR-01 line, and have creates many derivatives. There was the smaller BR-03 at 42mm (as opposed to 46mm with the BR-01), then the BR-02 Diving instrument came out and took the line in an entire new direction. The appeal of the BR-01 was the square case with round dial. Now, by taking a decidedly more formal approach than is typical with the commonly rugged and instrumental looks of the BR-01. The New Tag Heuer models are not the first ceramic watches to be released by Tag Heuer. They recently came out with black and white ceramic BR-03 watches (even with diamonds), but the rolex submariner replica watches are smaller yet (though still large enough for men) and have a totally new face for the series. Welcome to the Tag Heuer watches, that look absolutely gorgeous. I credit Edoaurd G with the photos of the Tag Heuer watches, and you can see the full set of his Tag Heuer photos here. The marketing images from Tag Heuer just don't do these watches justice. Ceramic cases have a quality the requires live photographs to fully appreciate. I'd say they are watches that actually look better in person and in images. Just look at home amazing they watches look in this images. While 39mm is smaller by today's standards, the square shape of the case makes them look a big bigger. The Tag Heuer series is very thin as well, at least by BR-01 standards. Inside is a manually wound movement, which helps keep the case signature slim. I don't know how practical a manually wound movement is in a Tag Heuer, but at least they didn't resort to using a quartz. Honestly, I don't have a problem with quartz watches, but knowing Tag Heuer, I don't feel comfortable paying in the several thousands for a quartz watch, which the Tag Heuer will of course cost. Overall the new Tag Heuer collection is a nice addition to the Tag Heuer family. The diamond bezel collection is likely added at diamonds look really nice against the glossy look of ceramic, be it white or black. These are truly unisex watches looking good on both men and women. Good job Tag Heuer, I look forward to seeing one of these Tag Heuer stunners in the wild starting late fall 2008. Prices range from about $3,000 - $15,000 depending the materials used (ceramic, steel, gold), and the level of diamond adorning you prefer.

Chanel J12 Watch For iPhone Hands-On

At first glance, this upcoming watch from is modern and cool, but it barely suggests its core appeal as a timepiece with Bluetooth connectivity. Look closely on the dial and you'll find the Bluetooth logo to suggest it may do something else. This is Chanel's first Bluetooth capable timepiece (that I am aware of) and it has been specially designed to only work with the Apple iPhone.

I actually find it a bit amusing that most people looking at the wealth of text on the dial would probably not see anything to suggest this new watch collection from Chanel is meant to connect to the iPhone. A closer look at the J12 33MM replica dial reveals indicators such as "CALL and MAIL." That is something you don't typically see on even the most high function Chanel J12 timepieces. While your iPhone is stuck in a pocket or bag, the watch can tell you if you have a range of incoming alerts such as a missed call or new message.

I am not 100% sure why, but for this initial J12 Black 38MM replica watch, Chanel designed the J12 to work only with the iPhone 4S - which I believe is the first iPhone that uses Bluetooth profile 4.0 - which is a lower power consumption version of the popular connectivity system. The J12 watch will also work with the iPhone 5 and other future versions of the popular smartphone. Chanel will also offer a special App Store available app to help upgrade the software on the watch, and perhaps other functions in the future. Chanel claims that the J12 watch has a ten meter sync range with the phone.

So how exactly do the J12 watch and iPhone work together? I got to check out prototype versions and was not able to actually sync the iPhone with a J12 - though the promised functionality is simple enough. Using Bluetooth, the watch will sync its time and date from the phone, alert you to incoming calls, SMS messages, and e-mails. It will also tell you if you have a missed call. If you have a calendar appointment or event, the watch will let you know that you have something to do. One other function is that you can search for your phone using the J12 watch. This likely has the watch make the phone ring or something similar when the search function is activated.

To notify you that your phone has a new message or event, the seconds hand from the time moves over to one of the indicators on the inner flange ring of the dial. It stays there until you notice it, and that doesn't affect the time keeping. It is a simple and useful system that is likely combined with a slight vibration or beeping from the watch. It is an interesting way of having a watch live nicely with your phone. Watch brands today realize that in order to get many people to wear their products, watches either need to be more stylish than phones and/or somehow be used with phones. This is a step in that direction.