Piaget replica My new 1601 with the Mysterious Sigma Dial

Patek) so it may have been stimulated by a common dial manufacturer or that Rolex was "following suit" when other watch manufacturers began marking their dials. 1a or is the symbol just an "O" which stands for "Or" which means gold in French? Facts or Opinions? 2 What Rolex models were produced with sigma dials? I found sigma dials on Daytona replica omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Replica Cartier Santos - Replica Watches UK Sale, Day Date and DateJust models. Any other known models/references with the sigma dial? Facts or Opinions? 3 What date range applies to sigma dials? Opinions lean toward the early 1970s (possibly very late 60s). My 1601 is a 3.5 mil (circa 1972). Any tighter date range info on any specific reference? Facts or Opinions? Let's learn what we can about this interesting dial variation that is seen on some of our favorite vintage models Great questions Russ, number 1 is correct replica cartier Santos 100, Rolex made these dials for a short period I have a 1970. Your dial colour is known as copper and is nice faded. I believe Rolex used a few dial makers at the time and this may explain why some are sigma and others not. Rolex did not use them on most sports as they had no surrounds as you know. I believe it may have been a marketing hype thing of the time therefore, it was not used in cheaper basic models either to my knowledge. However you will find it on some cellini's also. I wish I could add more. Regards