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Background The Affymetrix GeneChip technology uses multiple probes per gene to measure its expression level. Individual probe signals can vary widely Hight Quality Replica Cartier Santos 100 Watches For Sale, which hampers proper interpretation. This variation can be caused by probes that do not properly match their target gene or that match multiple genes. To determine the accuracy of Affymetrix arrays, we developed an extensive verification protocol, for mouse arrays incorporating the NCBI RefSeq, NCBI UniGene Unique, NIA Mouse Gene Index replica watches uk, and UCSC mouse genome databases. Interpreting the masses of data generated by this technology poses a number of unusual new challenges. Over the past few years a consensus has begun to emerge concerning the most important pitfalls and the proper ways to avoid them. This review provides an overview of these ideas, beginning with relevant aspects of experimental design and normalization replica patek philippe uk, but focusing in particular on the various tools and concepts .