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This is the dinner that I've been waiting for "A Legendary Evening" presented by Hublot and the World Boxing Council. At this gala dinner, Bonhams will auction off the 12 limited edition unique Hublot King Power WBC watches w/ World Champion's signature on the back. The goal for the night was to raise $1 million dollars for the WBC Pension Fund. Supposedly it costed $1,000 per person to attend this once in a lifetime watch auction, so I'm very honored Hublot invited me to attend and cover for PuristSPro. If anyone at Hublot is reading this report, thank you once again for the great weekend! Every seat has an auction card for you to raise up when you want to make a bid for one of the watches. Bonhams wasn't charging any hammer fee or any type of buyer's premium for this auction, so all the money received will go directly to the WBC Pension Fund. Here are a couple more silly photos we took as the guests were slowly making their way to their tables. Every guest received a goodie bag with the below red Hublot boxing glove which was an awesome gift to top off this evening. Some tried to get autographs from the Legends throughout the night but I didn't want to bother any of them. Here's me and my mean boxer face . do you want a piece of me? LOL And here's our menu for the night. Food was not bad and the steak was pretty good. Finally the dinner starts! A boxing video plays on the big screen letting guests know to go back to their seats. We're finally starting. Wooo hooo!!! This is going to be an awesome event!!!! After the intro video ends, Michael Buffer yells his famous opening line "Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!!!" He introduces all the World Champion Boxing Legends to the boxing ring. All the Legends are upstage, and it's Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and WBC President Jose Sulaiman turn to give their gala dinner introductory words and support for the WBC Pension Fund. George Forman then takes the stage and shows his passion for the establishment of this new WBC Pension Fund. Michael Buffer then introduces world renowned auctioneer Malcom Barber who also is the COO of Bonhams. Mr. Barber then quickly explains the auction bidding process. I didn't take video of all 12 auctions because I was running out of memory on my phone replica breitling Bentley Motors, but I did for 3 of the auctions Ken Norton, George Forman Mike Tyson. Michael Buffer starts off the 1st auction for the night which is Ken Norton's watch which sold for for $60,000. George Forman was the winning bidder. The next auction I taped was George Forman's. Congrats to you John and it'll fit very well with your other unique pieces! He actually bought 2 of the watches that night if I remember correctly. Mike Tyson's watch is up for auction now. So far the highest of the night was Sugar Ray Leonard's which sold for $140k or $150k if my memory serves me correct. I thought Mike's watch would sell for higher but it didn't. Winning bid was $120k. During the auctions Luxury Replica Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Watches Sale, lovely models were walking around the room letting guests see the watch up close. I took this opportunity to sneak in a wrist shot since it was virtually impossible to get any of the watches out of the display cases yesterday and earlier today. It was my goal for these 2 days to somehow touch one of these Hublot WBC watches and strap it on my wrist for a wristshot for my fellow PuristS! And I proudly succeeded in this quest After all 12 watches were auctioned off fake hublot big bang uk, all the winners and Legends were invited back up on stage for a photoshoot. The goal of the night was to raise $1 million but it was short by less than a $100k, so John Simonian stepped up and kindly donated the remaining amount to make the total raised funds to $1 million. A very nice gesture by John. Dessert was then served along with a glass of Hennessy. Thank you very much Hublot, WBC, and Bonhams for the wondering evening. We had an awesome time, and these two past days were definitely a once in a lifetime event which we'll always remember and cherish. Kudos to Hublot and WBC for setting up the WBC Pension Fund, and I hope this fund can grow each year to help support injured boxers for the help they deserve and to help grow boxing back to its original heights before the UFC came into play. Thanks for taking time to read my report, and hope you enjoyed all the video I took so you can "feel" the excitement and aura as well.