breitling Chronomat replica Local nun details horrors in Honduras as 200 children await deportation

The number is a fraction of the more than 50,000 children who tried to enter the United States since October. A local nun who saw the situation in Central America believes sending the children back could mean a death sentence. Sister Kathleen Erickson said the situation in Honduras has deteriorated since a coup in 2009. Erickson said she wonders why America would send children back when they're trying to survive. "There seemed to be a lot of bodies of young people being found, and I'm talking into the hundreds," she said. She said it is no surprise that many children from Honduras, Ecuador and Guatemala would try to survive by heading north. "They have the option to be part of a gang and be taught to kill other people, be taught to torture people or do things you do not want to do, or say no and be killed yourself. Or try to get out of the country," she said. Gov. Department of Health and Human Services wanting the names of the 200 or so children brought to Nebraska. "What do they have to hide?" Heineman said. "Why won't they share it with us and if you're sending illegal, unaccompanied children to Nebraska fake Omega Seamaster fake hublot big bang uk, don't we have a right to know?" Heineman said he agrees with President Barack Obama that the children need to return to their countries. Erickson, however, said that is a mistake. "I think, honestly, it would be sending them back to a very dangerous situation replica omega Seamaster 300m, and in some cases it would be sending them back to almost certain death," she said. Erickson said she thinks the humanitarian crisis is far from over. She heard stories from mothers who would rather have their children die trying to get to the United States than dragged off by gangs. Heineman said he does not believe Congress and Obama will act quickly. He suggested an activation of the National Guard to secure the border. TWO HUNDRED CHILDREN WHO CROSSED THE SOUTHERN BORDER ARE IN NEBRASKA TONIGHT. AWAITING DEPORTATION. AND THAT'S JUST A SMALL FRACTION. MORE THAN 50 THOUSAND KIDS TRIED TO ENTER THE U S SINCE OCTOBER. NEW TONIGHT. A NEW PERSPECTIVE. A LOCAL NUN SAW THE SITUATION IN CENTRAL AMERICA. AND SHE BELIEVES SENDING THE CHILDREN BACK COULD MEAN A DEATH SENTENCE. KETV NEWSWATCH SEVEN'S ADRIAN WHITSETT JOINS US LIVE. SISTER KATHLEEN SINCE A COUP IN 2009. GANGS RECRUITING KIDS OR WHY AMERICA WOULD JUST SEND THE KIDS BACK WHEN THEY'RE WHEN SISTER KATHLEEN DESCRIBES HER TIME IN CENTRAL AMERICA. (Sister Kathleen Erickson: "I find myself using the word intense.") THE ATMOSPHERE ONE OF FEAR, LOOKING OVER YOUR SHOULDER. ESPECIALLY FOR THE YOUNG. GOVERNOR DAVE HEINEMAN EXPLAINED WHY HE AND OTHERS WROTE A LETTER TO H H S fake tag heuer formula 1, WANTING THE NAMES OF THE 200 OR SO KIDS BROUGHT TO NEBRASKA.(Gov Dave Heineman: "What do they have to hide. Why won't they share it with us and if you're sending illegal, unaccompanied children to Nebraska don't we have a right to know ) HEINEMAN SAYS HE AGREES WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA THAT THE KIDS NEED TO GO BACK. SISTER (Sister Kathleen Erickson: "I think honestly it would be sending them back to a very dangerous situation and in some cases fake A.Lange & Sohne, it would be sending them back to almost certain death.") THE HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IS FAR FROM OVER. HEARING STORIES FROM MOTHERS WHO WOULD RATHER TO GET TO THE STATES THAN DRAGGED OFF BY GANGS. GOVERNOR HEINEMAN SAYS HE DOESN'T BELIEVE CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT WILL ACT ACTIVATION OF THE NATIONAL GUARD TO SECURE THE BORDER. BACK TO YOU. NEBRASKA'S A C L U ECHOES SISTER ERICKSON'S OPINION ABOUT PROTECTING CHILDREN. THE GROUP GOES A STEP FURTHER, SLAMMING THE GOVERNOR OVER HIS REQUEST TO TRACK UNDOCUMENTED CHILDREN. LEGAL DIRECTOR AMY MILLER SAYS THAT SHOWS A LACK OF UNDERSTANDING ABOUT HOW THE LAW MUST BE APPLIED. OF WHAT THESE CHILDREN HAVE GONE THROUGH. MILLER GOES ON TO SAY RELEASING THE NAMES OF CHILDREN SEEKING ASYLUM U S. OR IN THE VERY LIKELY EVENT THAT THEY ARE THE COUNTRY WHERE THEY FEAR PERSECUTION. THE A C L U APPLAUDS FAITH AND COMMUNITY CHILDREN.