Breitling Watches Are Necessary In My Profession

After his experience with the Replica Hublot Big Bang watch that had sticking hands, Mark went out an bought a Breitling. He said that the brand was known to make good pilot watches and specialize in aviation which is why he chose Breitling. He said he has never had a problem since and owns a few Breitling pieces including two Chronomats, an Emergency, and I believe one of the Aerospace models. I asked Kelly how a pilot and astronaut might use a watch differently. That got us into a conversation on the types of watches pilots and astronauts might each like. As a Navy pilot, Mark said a lot of the guys are into the image part of having a "Replica Hublot Big Bang King watch." They like the idea of having an aviation watch to go with their job and sense of purpose. They want it to look good, and performance is of course important as well. He said the military guys are much more interested in the style side of it. Astronauts often have more science backgrounds. Kelly himself has a masters in Aeronautical Engineering. To them, timepieces are tools and are used to track procedures and routine tasks. Because what they are used for isn't always sexy, the watches themselves don't always need to be sexy. Mark pointed out an interesting feature he'd like to see on an watch. He wants to have timers and alarms that are based not on the local or current time, but on the mission time. This would allow you to start a chronograph-like feature at the start of the mission, and then set certain other timing functions based on that elapsed time. He was actually quick to point out the features his 'ultimate mission watch' would have. Those special timers, multiple time zones, and alarms up the gad-zoo. I can imagine all the pushers it would have. Mark Kelly doesn't seem to have a formal relationship with Breitling, but he has a close one. It probably helps that he is a loyal Breitling fan. He doesn't just wear Breitling watches when around their executives. Pictures of Mr. Kelly often have him wearing one of his Breitlings, and as a pragmatist, why would he wear anything else? If the brand hasn't failed him before, why change? It isn't a viewpoint most watch lovers have in their interest to add variety to their lives, but I imagine Mark still sees most tools as items that can either fail or be relied on. Especially for a guy who can thank a lot of different types of machines for keeping him alive at various points in his career. While a Navy Pilot, Kelly attended test pilot school. According to him, the difference between being a pilot and being a test pilot is that test pilots are taught how planes actually work. In fact, most of the pilots who end up being astronauts are trained as test pilots. It got me thinking; exactly how does someone become an astronaut? Since the late 1960's a lot kids grew up wanting to be an astronaut. But just like a cowboy, there never seemed to be a class in school for it, or a major in college.