Exclusive Inside Look At The Hublot Watch Manufacture

The myth of Jean-Claude Biver is as much a man, as the man himself. While many people wouldn��t necessarily consider the CEO of a Replica Breitling Navitimer watch brand a celebrity or an icon; to watch lovers and people working in the industry, few people have the level of respect and close to attention that Mr. Biver enjoys. And enjoy it he does. The prize for the man��s calculated efforts is a sense of pride and a pat-on-the-back attitude that comes naturally. Bright-faced and wide-eyed, Replica Hublot Big Bang King often has the enthusiasm of a teenager. Nevertheless, Jean-Claude prefers the simple joys in life, and is approachable in a way that can��t be said for most men at the helm of high profile brands. Aside from his deeds as a watch maker, Biver is amusingly known second best for his famous cheese making �� a true Swiss, he does not disappoint. I had a rare opportunity to spend time with Mr. Biver on what I can only describe as a ��bring your journalist to work day.�� I fly to Switzerland, and travel to the Hublot headquarters outside of Geneva in Nyon. This is where the magic happens, and where so many watch industry eyes are permanently focused. If http://www.buyijoy.com/replica-hublot-big-bang.html is loved by watch consumers, JCB is loved by watch industry people. My lifestyle involves participating in conversations with people from many watch brands. Few times does a name come up more often than Biver �� even more so than Mr. Hayek of the Swatch Group. There is an almost universal sense of respect and awe aimed at JCB and what he has done with Hublot. It also makes employees of his competitors want his watches �� which most of the time they simply aren��t able to do without upsetting their boss. The story of Hublot is really only as interesting as Jean-Claude Biver��s (JCB) contribution to the Swiss watch brand. In 2004 the well-known captain of horology took charge of the failing brand. JCB saw Hublot as a challenge. Something with potential, but potential that only had a limited lifespan before it needed to be saved. Hublot was dying. Suffering annual losses at the time JCB stepped in, something seemingly so far in the past given what Hublot is today. Prior to Hublot, JBC led Blancpain, and also put it on the map. Before that, Omega. JCB is a lifetime watch industry man. He has been in the watch world since the 1970s. While other watch brands clamor to find talent from outside industries, Biver gives good fuel to the argument that to have success in the watch industry you really need to know the watch industry.