Is Fossil Ready For An $895 breitling Chronomat Watch

Having said that, I know that the average Fossil customer knows little about the Replica Breitling Navitimer industry, watches, etc... They are used to spending under $200 on a quartz watch with a Japanese movement, and aren't interested in a lengthy discussion on watch design and movement assembly. So then why the hell is Fossil making close to $1,000 watches with bland designs that their customer base has zero interest in? At least brands like Tissot and Breitling Chronomat take the extra steps to give their watches some personality. Fossil does not even try to do that. I mean the name of these watches is "Replica Hublot Big Bang." Such a robotic naming scheme is cold and un-creative. Might as well just give them numbers. From a design perspective, the cases and dials aren't bad. Nothing to write home about, but classic and soothing to the eye in a vintage military sort of way. Looks like a cross between a Bell & Ross mixed with a lot of There is some manner of luminant on the dials and the hour markers are applied - which is a positive. You get the distinct impression that Fossil wanted to come out the breitling doors with a very safe design, do nothing particularly new, and see how it went. Though I still have no idea who the target demographic for these watches will be. At about half the price, they might be a strong buy. Size-wise, the Fossil breitling Chronomat is rather on the modest side at 38mm wide in a steel case. There is also a version with a steel metal bracelet which isn't too bad. The design of the watch is really not objectionable (though a few extra millimeters on the case would have been good), it is just the overall lack of soul which gets to me. In terms of this much remarked upon breitling movement, Fossil is equally unclear on where it comes from. They call it the caliber STP-1-11 which is nothing I've ever heard of. Visually it looks like an ETA 2824 Chronomat but I doubt Fossil was able to get many of those. I have a feeling it is some manner of 2824 clone. At least Fossil doesn't hide the view to it on the rear of the watch. So all-in-all there you have it: the first Fossil breitling watch with a mystery breitling movement, impotent messaging; an acceptably saleable style; and perhaps not nearly what a brand like Fossil could accomplish with its vast resources and experience.