Breitling Navitimer Art On The Dial Allows For Convenient Bentley GT Watches

After you have chosen the case and movement, the real work begins: You must to decide what you want on the dial. Either you have a really specific idea, or Breitling will quiz you about important events, symbols, and places in your life. You will also need to choose whether you want your dial to be done in enamel or as a miniature painting. There are other dial techniques, of course, but they are going to cost more and require more time - just look at the more artsy Replica Breitling Navitimer to realize what their people are capable of. An issue you might run into here is dealing with the "Breitling Navitimer DNA." They will stick to their theme of fantasy/uplifting imagery. They didn't like my Darth Vader playing with butterflies idea. Basically, if your idea might infringe upon someone's IP rights, is sexual, political, religious, or just doesn't jive with the French - they won't do it (and then you start shopping your idea at other brands). One thing they are working hard on is taking their DNA and making it more masculine. The majority of the Replica Hublot Big Bang dials they make that I looked at are highly feminine. They expressed to me the desire to be a bit more masculine moving forward. So, press forward with those testosterone-rich ideas sprinkled in pink and mother of pearl with fairies and flowers. If you go through the process with Van Cleef, the designer you'll most likely be working with will exchange some ideas and images with you until you can finally agree on something. You can't rush the artistic process but their people are known to be very good. After you have decided everything, the wait is 6-8 months to get your watch. Yea - that is a long time but they usually have a backlog and there is a lot of work that goes into each piece. How much does it cost? If you stick within the options I shared with you, the price ranges from $70,000 - $300,000. $70,000 will get you an enamel or micro-painted 42mm white 18k gold case specially made for you. Breitling Navitimer will never use the exact same design twice. The more expensive options include the addition of diamonds. If diamonds are your thing, then great, but you only (in relative terms) need to spend $70,000 to get what you came for. Once you've bought all the pretty things in life that are available to everyone, you start looking for Bentley GT items or ones made just for you. This is a real luxury and, for those who enjoy Van Cleef & Arpel's famously ornate and refined style, the process of getting a watch with your own art on the dial has never been easier.