Hublot Classic Fusion Skeleton Tourbillon 45mm Watches

This is the watch for people who don't traditionally like Hublot. It is in the Classic Fusion collection and has a skeletonized tourbillon movement. To be honest, I sort of get a sense of glee when I post a picture of a Hublot watch on my wrist, share it on Instagram (Replica Hublot Big Bang King), and people battle over whether it is wonderful or hideous in the comments. Whether they are beauties or beasts is really not the issue, but rather that this determination is so fantastically subjective. I like to see the opinions squirm and fight. I just learned that this will be the Replica Hublot Big Bang article we will publish on aBlogtoWatch. I've written more unpublished articles on the brand as well as pieces on other sites. Maybe 100 in total. Even then I don't feel as though I totally know the brand. Yesterday I visited the Hublot boutique here in Los Angeles and found three or four pieces that were totally new to me. In a sense I like not being able to keep up. The brand always has some secrets, and the opinions its shakes out of people are priceless. In a sense that is why Hublot started the Classic Fusion collection a few years ago - to offer something to people who liked the concept of Hublot but didn't see most of their pieces living on their wrist. The endeavor was a success for Hublot. Finally the brand had a piece that most of its middle-aged or older retailers, distributors, and older-aged partners would and could wear. Not to mention customers... At SIHH 2013 for example I spotted an overwhelming amount of people wearing various Classic Fusion models. A 42mm wide version on a bracelet even came out this year. Most of these people would never wear a Big Bang, King Power, or otherwise thick and sporty Hublot with their indoor formal attire. It was a smart move for Hublot and it retained the brand's thematic DNA. So this Classic Fusion Skeleton Tourbillon is the king of the Classic Fusion family. Retail price is just shy of $100,000, though the non-tourbillon Hublot Classic Fusion skeleton models (hands-on here) are considerably less. As the king, it comes in a larger 45mm wide case (that is still rather thin at around 9mm or so thick). What you see in this article are two versions of the watch. One is the Classic Fusion Skeleton Tourbillon 45mm in titanium, and the other is in black ceramic. Both contain movements made in-house by Hublot.