Introducing The Breitling Chronomat B01 Seventies Limited Edition

Replica Breitling Navitimer remains a HODINKEE favorite, picking up today where it left off a generation ago. We've told about this mark's history with both diving alarm watches and Presidents, and Blake wrote up a great "Week On The Wrist" review of last year's Chronomat B01 Cricket. Breitling's designs remain thoughtful, and its movements remain in-house. Above all else, Breitling's prices remain reasonable, and today we caught wind of a new limited edition watch set to be unveiled at Basel World 2013. The Replica Hublot Big Bang King was made in many iterations. Some looked like this. Others look like this. While we've shown you the re-release of the former, today we are happy to announce the rebirth of the latter. Dubbed the Breitling Chronomat B01 Seventies, this watch is remarkably faithful tribute to the 1970 Chronomat B01 Cricket. The case, the crowns, and the pusher are practically identical - even the finishing on the cases are the same. The new features an in-house caliber complete with a 42 hour power reserve and two barrels - one for the watch, the other for the alarm. The alarm is set to ring for an impressive 20 seconds. And, the dial features decompression tables, so if you're like our Jason Heaton and actually go diving, you know where you stand. The Breitling Chronomat B01 Seventies will be a limited edition of just 300 pieces, is sized at 42mm, with a depth rating of 300 meters and is set to be officially unveiled at Basel this year. You can be sure we'll bring you live pics when we can. If you aren't that familiar with Breitling, both old and new, we strongly encourage you to peruse our previous coverage of the brand. If you read HODINKEE, you might know that Breitling has a rich history of having the company��s Cricket watches worn by Presidents and Vice Presidents. Take this special Cricket, for instance. The historic connection between the Breitling Cricket and the White House has only gotten stronger now that Vice President Joe Biden has been spotted wearing a Breitling Cricket the last few days. You can see him clearly wearing what looks to be the ��50s Presidents�� Watch Automatic Steel�� in this White House weekly address video on Saturday, November 5. The watch appears to be bright stainless steel, has the familiar position of the alarm pusher in relation to the crown, looks to be on a same dark alligator strap with curved ends, appears to have a flat sapphire crystal, seems to have larger dimensions (42mm) than the vintage non-Chronomat B01 Crickets, appears to have the minute markings for ease of alarm setting around the edge of the dial, and with further close photographic analysis appears to have the date by the 6 o��clock position, all signature elements of the 50s Presidents�� Watch Automatic Steel. It is available at Tourneau for $11,650.