Tag heuer AquaracerDiver’s Watch

Not much else is know about this, but it would be a cool feature. I also like the style of the bezel, half numbers half simple markers. Again, the case is quite thick at 18mm, and a decent width at 43mm. Makes for a good sized, but substantial timepiece. The European feel of this http://www.nalumar.com/tag-heuer-aquaracer-replica-uk.html watch is evidence in the mod design, which is very pleasant. The lug structure is unique. The idea in my opinion is to help create a natural curvature to help the watch sit better on the wrist, without making the case itself curved. Thus you have the curved lug structure to which a customizable 22mm (or maybe 24mm) strap will be attached. The replica cartier santos are supposed to be available soon. Hopefully this summer. Each timepiece will be hand assembled in Aquaracer by Tag heuer with input from the customer of course. Prices are estimated to typically be somewhere in the 3000 - 5000 euro range. Which isn't really too bad given the boutique approach, and interesting style and technology in the watch. I know that if I was in the market for a unique and good looking diver cartier roadster replica watch (which I typically am), this little number would be high up on the list. UPDATE: The Ocean is now ready to be ordered! It will arrive in a limited edition of just 80 pieces, with over 2,300 possible combinations of customization. The prices start at about 3,200 euros and go up to 16,700 euros (base) for the platinum model. That's right, a very inexpensive price for a platinum watch. You then can add different bezels, straps, and other components. The watches will begin to be delivered in the middle of Fall 2009. The look reminds me of a mixture of Italian and Bauhaus design watches. The crownless look and solid lugs give the watch a very simple and inviting look. You can get dials that go from "instrument like" to quite minimalist. Tag heuer is really nice about working with individual clients to achieve what is best for them. These are of course "luxury" watches, and such close attention from the makers is expected. Price isn't cheap, but it is much less than what you would expect from dealing directly with most Swiss or even German independent watch makers. The Tag heuer Aquaracer prices ranges of course, but is in the $20,000 range for the pictured version. Of course platinum will cost you more (though I really like the watch in gold). http://mybestbuddie.com/profiles/blogs/1930s-tag-heuer-oyster-flatback-bubbleback http://watchesukchm.inube.com/blog/4110261/1930s-tag-heuer-oyster-flatback-bubbleback/ http://blogya.de/watchesukchm/843291/1930s+Tag+Heuer+Oyster+Flatback+Bubbleback.html http://heartandsoul4u2.com/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=246079