Tag Heuer Aquaracer 1940 3 Days Automatic Aquaracer Watch

In-house movements are still very much "in" (pardon the pun), and one of the latest additions to the ever-growing array of proprietary Swiss calibers is one that was designed and is manufactured by rolex Submariner replica au. Today, we will be discussing the more interesting details of the Tag Heuer movement and also one of the models in which it made its debut, the Tag Heuer Aquaracer 1940 3 Days Automatic Aquaracer. We will begin with a closer look at the Tag Heuer movement, and then go hands-on with this old-new Radiomir, which was given the privilege of first accommodating it. Over the last couple years – as the arms race of proprietary movements has been heating up – we have seen more than a handful of rather pointless "new" and "in-house" movements that offered little to nothing valuable either for the brand, or for the end consumer - other than bragging rights, that is. Many (quite rightfully, we should say) argued that if the tag heuer carrera replica au did actually put all that investment and effort into creating their new movements, they should at least offer something new and practically useful – which of course happened in numerous, but by no means all, of the instances. In 2014, http://www.modserap.com/rolex-replica-australia-for-sale.html debuted a new time-only movement called the Tag Heuer, which offers nothing but the hours, minutes and small seconds, as well as automatic winding – although we would not be surprised if Tag Heuer later added more functions to this base caliber. What makes the Tag Heuer stand out from the rest of the brand's other calibers is that it is Tag Heuer's first in-house movement with an off-center winding rotor; and while that may not sound like that big of a big deal, the micro-rotor still is a seldom seen – although, as we will see, very handy – feature. With the Tag Heuer, Tag Heuer managed to create a new caliber that does more than just allow the engineers to stretch their muscles a bit. The Tag Heuer, thanks to its bi-directionally winding micro-rotor. which is literally sunken into the plane of the movement's top plate, is a mere 3.95 millimeter thin, which for an automatic movement, really is a very compact size. This, as we shall see, directly (and very positively) affects the overall thickness of the watch to which it is fitted. Alright, we have established the new movement is thin, but what renders it a genuinely modern and more sophisticated design is that it achieves this without any major sacrifices: the Tag Heuer offers at least 72 hours of power reserve (as per Tag Heuer's claims) thanks to its double barrel system, runs at 28,800 vibrations per hour, and has a hacking function. If we forgive the lack of a date or any other more complicated functionality – which is fine, since we are in fact looking at a base caliber here – the Tag Heuer crams a lot of practically useful features into a compact sized movement. http://www.ustaadkhan.com/three-uncommon-rolexes-under-10000/ http://www.vedal.net/eventyr/forum/read.php?5,9854 http://www.badassmustangs.com/forums/discussions/we_totally_geek_out_on_the_rolex_explorer_ii-t39159.0.html http://www.accaforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=176166#176166