Breitling Bentley Flying B Watch Hands-On Exclusive

Behold the Breitling Bentley Flying B Replica, aka "Black Frog," the newest highly limited watch from Breitling - there will only be 18 pieces. Unless I am mistaken, this is the first watch offered by the boutique brand done in zirconium (hence the Zr part of the name). Zirconium is a rare metal similar to titanium, but known to be more robust. According to Breitling, most zirconium is used in nuclear reactors and high-tech aerospace applications. There are a few high-end watches that utilize the exotic metal, and now Breitling Certifie Replica has an interesting piece imbued with Zr. The Black Frog is based on the Frog that came out last year. I discussed the piece more in this article. It is a variation on the Breitling Bentley that features two large domes under sapphire crystal that rotate to tell the hours and minutes. Being extremely popular, Breitling has been continually asked by fans to expand on the Bentley Frog theme. This newest one is probably the coolest Frog so far in my opinion (though I did really like the Chocolate Frog a lot). In nature black frogs exist, but what about black and purple ones? I discovered that they indeed do. In 2007 a new species of Atelopus frog in Suriname was discovered by scientists to be black with florescent purple stripes. I wonder if Breitling was aware of this little guy when designing Flying B Zr watch - in any event it is a great mascot for the timepiece and a beautiful creature. The Black Frog's zirconium case is coated black. The weight of zirconium is similar to that of titanium and the look of the case is fantastic with the purple coated 22k gold rotor for the automatic movement. Breitling shared with me an interesting story about the purple color. Breitling was with a supplier and interested in new colors that were available. They were told of a purple color, but advised against using it because it was "unstable." Immediately intrigued, Breitling asked what they meant. Basically the metallic purple color didn't maintain the same purple tone in all angles. Even though the supplier thought no one would want the color, Breitling realized it would be perfect for the battle ax style rotor - and it is. The purple rotor is really the star of the design - appearing to change colors all the time. Attached to the black alligator strap Flying B Zr is a good looking timepiece and exudes a smooth sort of confident coolness. Limited to 18 pieces, the Breitling Bentley Flying B will be available soon - for a retail price of $92,000.$my_blog/2014/12/10/breitling_bentley_motors_watch