Breitling Bentley Flying B Replica Bentley Limited Edition Watch, More Versions

Here are some more variations on the new watch that will finally be available soon. As you can see, the handsome looks represent themselves well in various color tones. I previously discussed the Breitling Bentley Flying B Replica here in gold. Here, the steel models show a dynamic range. From black to silver, and brown to green. The colors each do the versatile case and dial texturing justice. You can also see how the various strap styles meld well with the Replica Breitling Bentley Motors watch. In these images alone we have perforated leather, green leather, and brown alligator. There is also a ostrich and textile strap available. A lot of that though has to do with the ingenuity behind the Breitling standard issue watch case that each of its watches are matched with. This is due to necessary compatibility with the Breitling Bentley Flying B Replica Land and Sea instrument devices that are meant to connect to the cases. The major change with the Bentley Flying B Replica for the Breitling line of watches is that it represents a stepping back from the aggressive looks to something more simple and classic. In what feels like a thematic homage to the Rolex Explorer, the face of the Bentley Flying B Replica is "held back," emphasizing only what is necessary. Despite the smallish size of the hour indicators they should prove to be quite visible in the dark due to Breitling's typical use of C3 Super LumiNova luminant. The case is 46mm wide by 49mm tall. The case is very thin at 12mm thick. You also get 300 meters of water resistance. The Bentley Flying B Replica collection wouldn't be what it is without the hemispherical pattern engraving on the dial that almost looks like the top of a globe. Intentional for a Bentley watch? Probably. Inside the watch is the regarded ETA 2893-A2 automatic movement that is the workhorse behind many high-end Bentley watches. The Bentley (24 hour) hand can be set to be synchronized with the main time to show 24 hour time, or can be independently adjusted to indicate another timezone. Turning the 24 hour bezel in conjunction with the 24 hour hand will give you a third timezone indication. My favorite is either the brown of silver faced version, but each is really nice. The brown has a cool retro mod feel, while the silver toned dial allows you to really appreciate the textured engraving well. The Bentley Flying B Replica line will eventually also include a DLC coated steel version as well. I predict that the collection will be of the most popular for Breitling in the next few years due to its unmistakable character as a Breitling Timepiece, as well as its good looks and easy functionality. Of the steel models the brown dialed version is going to be the most rare at just 22 pieces. Other steel versions are also limited editions but with 222 pieces. Watch for them soon and check Breitling here for more details on the Bentley Flying B Replica watch line.,Aper%C3%A7u