Cartier Santos 100 Watch Review

Experiences like this are rare, but not necessarily uncommon in the luxury Breitling Certifie Replica watch. One brand that offers such an experience (even if it is via e-mail or the phone) is Cartier. Visit their website and you'll find a number of options for each of their collection. Perhaps too many options. The ideas is to show you that the watch you might get has a number of options - cosmetic and otherwise. Though if you want, you can still get one of their Replica Breitling Bentley watches the "simplified way." For me, the ideal way of getting a was isn't by sitting in an office or shop, but rather in a place like an outdoor cafe in Zurich - where the brand and its principle, Daniel Dreifuss, are based. I imagine sitting over coffee while Mr. Dreifuss takes watches out of a case alongside papers with colors and dials and all sorts of options. It isn't about buying what he had to offer, but about him making what I want to see. Sitting in the Swiss metropolis, you get a good idea of what you want your watch to look like in practice, as opposed to in a white store setting. No doubt this is how many of Cartier's customers choose the look of their next watch. The timepiece of the minute is the Cartier Santos 100. It comes in all sorts of styles, but the basic look and case is going to remain the same (unless you really want to go wild). While the piece I have is an excellent combo of parts, I encourage you to visit Cartier's website to see more of the Santos 100 possibilities. The watch is available in three case sizes, 39mm, 42mm, and 45mm, with several dials, case finishes, bezels, straps... you get the idea. This is a 42mm wide sized DLC black over titanium case, with a solid 18k rose gold bezel model. You can have it in steel as well if you like. The Santos 100 is an aviator watch at heart - with close visual ties to the best from IWC. DLC offers wonderful durability, and the gold offers luxury. Image what the watch would look like in an all black case, one in brushed steel, or even in solid gold... as these options are all available.It is no surprise that the movement is a Cartier Roadster. The movement is nicely decorated with a few polishes such as perlage on the plate and concentric circular stripes on the signed rotor. Cartier also uses blue steel screws, and I think you can also order titanium screws. If you want, they will also use a solid gold rotor for extra money.