Breitling Bentley Watch For Women

Of course, the dripping-with-diamonds aspect is quite an attraction too, made all the more desirable by its clever construction. But even diamonds haphazardly scattered across case and dial can be a bit of a turn-off. focuses on all aspects of watchmaking, utilizing experts specifically trained to perfect a craftsman's unique talent. The creation of the delicate guilloché sunburst pattern upon the dial, for example, requires a highly skilled engraver with a steady hand and keen eye. The enameler must have intricate knowledge of smelting grit and adding the necessary minerals – in this case, metal oxides – to provide the base for the desired hue of blue, brushing the replica cartier Santos, and then firing it for the perfect amount of time at optimal temperature, to create the exact blue reminiscent of the night sky. The gem setter's task is no less daunting. Selecting diamonds of the highest quality in color, cut, and clarity, we may say that the gem setter is to depict the first frost fallen on the ivy leaves. 255 diamonds of varying sizes are placed in perfect companionship on the ivy leaves, the tendrils of which form the 3,6,9, and 12 'o'clock. Surrounding the image with striking grace are two rows of diamonds on the bezel. In total, the timepiece is decorated with a total of 548 diamonds, including diamond encrusted lugs, crown, and pusher, firmly placing this timepiece within the realms of haute horlogerie and haute joaillerie – fine replica cartier Roadster watchmaking and fine jewelry – alike. Of course, a watch exhibiting so many exceptional aspects requires a large range of expertise. The Breitling manufacture has no fewer than 180 different skills within its walls, enabling a high standard of craftsmanship, maintaining the tradition of Breitling – allowing the brand to flex its muscles every now and then with new movements and beautiful diamond settings, just as we have seen in the case of this piece. The watch is presented on a matching blue satin strap, accentuating the dial colors. The Breitling Rendez-Vouz Ivy Minute Repeater is my ideal women's watch: cutting-edge complications, stunning elegance, and quite a moody motif (think biting cold wind beneath a moonless night-blue sky blowing without compassion on snow dusted ivy leaves). It is a timepiece that has it all. The Breitling Bentley will be limited to 88 pieces – a relateively large number for such a highly complicated and arguably niche offering – with the price coming in at around $260,000.