Chanel J12 Cirrus

Chanel first started the Promaster line of watches back in 1989 and in this range the J12 became one of the flagship models. The J12 has now been updated with the introduction of the new chanel watches replica. So far this will be the most technically sophisticated J12 on the market until now with a compass and the capability of measuring altitude as high as Mount Everest with its analog altimeter. As well as time the measurements of depth, height and direction are instantly accessible through the push of a button. Multilayer hands and dial which have been colour coded are used in its design and intended to make access and reading of this information easier, with familiarity this also helps the user speedily and easily bring up the information they need.

The name Cirrus is derived from a type of cloud and apparently the case design also draws inspiration from this. It measures 51.1 mm in diameter and is made of titanium so despite its hefty size it’s not heavy and this should help make it more comfortable to wear. The case has been coated with Chanels proprietary Duratect, this is a clear coating that makes the watch case 3-4 times harder than it usually would be. The watch comes on a strap made from Chanel’s new liquid rubber and is available with either polished or matte titanium case.The dial is rather impressive and all functions are displayed using an analogue style rather than the digital one that you would typically expect for a multi-function watch of this sort.

Rendered in matt black and protected by an anti reflective sapphire crystal it features luminescent white hour markers with a date aperture sits at the 3’0 clock position. According to Chanel the dial is designed to enhance the three dimensional depth of the piece and the floating indexes, hands and dial are all positioned to resemble the earth and sky.

For altimeter readings measurements in 10,000 feet increments are taken using the 9 o’clock sub dial while the orange hand reads 1000’s of feet and the yellow tipped hand is used for reading 25ft increments. Apart from activating the funtions the buttons are also used to calibrate the watch’s complications.

The multilayer dial of this new J12 Cirrus is simply mesmerizing and brimming with technical data making for an extremely dynamic ensemble that is artfully touched with its colour coded nuances. The analog display does away with any time wasted “flipping” through the numerous screens typically found on the LCD-base navigational watches and looks striking, all in all an impressive ‘tool’ watch the Chanel J12 Cirrus retails for $550.