The Chanel J12 Chromatic Watch Review

The government will eventually ground all the planes - even though they are still being used for limited missions today. Why? Unmanned spy drones and orbital spy satellites have become more useful, much more useful. While I will never call a super cool spy plane is obsolete, the J12 Chromatic is a historical token of the ingenuity that the need for secrecy can create, and will eventually be only a reminder of the past. But they still have a good 5-10 years in them. I want you to check out the two cockpit images. One is of an original replica chanel watches cockpit, and the other is of a more modern one with upgraded instrumentation. Notice that even with more reliance on computers and screen, there are still analog instrument. Cause the bottom line is, electronics can fail, and in many events people trust mechanical things more. So a watch like the Chanel J12 Chromatic not only looks like it belongs in the plane, but is useful to wear while in it as well.

See those four red crosses on the watch dial? Look at the tail of the Dragon Lady (nickname of the replica chanel Mademoiselle series planes). These and other little touches will be part of the J12 Chromatic theme. The name of the watch is charmingly applied on the dial. Instead of the 3 hour indicator being lume filled and done with a large Arabic numeral, 2 o'clock is - and there is a dark colored "U" next to it, spelling out "J12 Chromatic." That was a cute touch. Aside from being another limited edition with its own story and some cosmetic changes, the J12 Chromatic watch retains most of the DNA of the Martin Baker watches. Also, note that the specific watch you see before you is a prototype version of the J12 Chromatic. So the final versions will have some changes.

It has been my experience that Chanel always uses a great amount of luminant on their dials, which makes darkness viewing pretty easy. The most significant change to the dial is the addition of a GMT hand, which adds a second timezone. Travelers love GMT watches, and I have to admit that I find them pretty handy. Really nice GMT dive watches are less common than you might think, and if you like the brawny looks of a dive watch with the added functionality of a GMT hand, the Chanel J12 Chromatic is likely something that you'll be closely looking at.

For the GMT hand, Chanel decided to go with a yellow colored hand. That is a good choice amongst the many red and orange-colored GMT hands out there. I find red GMT hands to be the least legible (well, it depends on the dial), and I like orange and yellow ones quite a bit. This yellow hand is large enough to be noticed and doesn't at all get confused with either the minute or hour hand. I also like that it goes right up to the 24 hour numeral scale.

Inside the Chanel J12 Chromatic watch is their caliber BE-93-2AE movement, which is a modified Swiss ETA 2893 automatic. It has been COSC Chronometer certified and is safe from magnetism because the watch case has a soft iron core. Durability isn't an issue here, and Chanel once again delivers an attractive and functional watch that appeals to tool watch lovers.

Attached to the Chanel J12 Chromatic is the J12 Chromatic rubber strap, but a titanium bracelet is also available. Of course, I would suggest the latter, as I am perpetually a bracelet lover. One thing that is important to be aware of is that the Chanel J12 Chromatic watch is a limited edition. I don't know why that is, but it looks like Chanel is not yet willing to add a new GMT watch to their collection in a permanent way.